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Poster: sjspaulding Date: May 11, 2003 12:06pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Ogg Vorbis?

While I would never dream of comparing the archive to the RIAA I'm not exactly sure why these files can't be offered in more than one format. Many of the movies are offered in a variety of formats including MPEG2, MPEG1, Divx, Realmedia, and Quicktime. I think that it is in the archives best interest to mantain collections that offer the highest quality content available but they offer the best video, MPEG2, as well as some other formats. If I have the time I like to download the large MPEG2 video files but often I download the divx versions simply for convienence. After all I'm not trying to archive this content myself, I'm simply trying to access and enjoy it. Adding other formats, such as ogg vorbis, to the audio section would not necessarily pollute the pool as long as access to the higher quality versions was still avaliable. If the archive wants to move closer to being a digital library I think access to other formats would be a positive feature. I'll end by saying that I, even with cable internet, would be able to check out a lot more of these cool bands if I didn't have to wait half a day to download a show.

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Poster: datgeek Date: May 11, 2003 12:23pm
Forum: etree Subject: Other formats Was "Ogg Vorbis?"

my 0.02$ here

there is alot more to it than what is said here.
It is all about LOSSLESS audio archiving.
there are many bands and tapers that do not want the music in ANY format that is NOT lossless.

If you want to take a SHN or FLAC show and make MP3's (or any other lossy format) to hear on your portable player that is all fine and dandy. the problem is that we do not want these lossy formats to get spread.

maybe people with gripes about large filesizes should consider a long forgotten method of trading called B&P (Blanks & Postage) or as a previous post mentiond, many bands have MP3's and such on there websites that you could download.